International Properties

Our sister Company in Dubai is We have a huge number of projects at all prices and should you like to know more please contact us for further details. Fantastic investment opportunities.


What Services do we Provide?

We provide a full and extensive real estate service, including residential, commercial, investment opportunities, sales and re-sales direct from Owners/Developers. On your behalf, we will advise, instruct and progress all property related enquiries.

We also have a full lettings service for both tenants and landlords and may provide finance assistance from reputable finance lenders such as Tamweel and Amlak. Moreover, we have established strong networks with other real estate companies, agents and organisations, such as Dubai Properties, Emaar Properties, and Dubai Property Group. In the near future we will also be providing services extending from insurance, furniture, landscaping to relocation packages.

Our aim is to provide a "One Stop Shop" for all your real estate requirements. Smart Moves understands the unique pressures of living in this busy, vibrant city and are committed to delivering results.

Dubai has a record for strong economic growth which provides a haven for investors. With the presence of free-trade zones, rising tourism and a GDP that increases an average of 7.5% per year, there are countless reasons for an entrepreneur or an investor to consider Dubai. By contrast Western economies consider their growth to be strong at 2%.With expected population growth, and investment increasing in the property market, Dubai continues to represent a strong opportunity even with the massive amount of development taking place in Dubai.

  • Tax free society. Individuals earn tax free salaries enabling to support house prices.
  • There is an exceptionally high demand for freehold property.
  • Property in Dubai is cheaper to purchase than other international countries and rental earnings are high.
  • Excellent quality of life, providing a safe and clean environment.
  • Fastest growing tourist destination.
  • Regions leading Financial centre, IT centre, Media centre and Transportation hub.
  • Ultra-modern infrastructure.
  • Political stability.
  • Secure with a virtual low crime rate environment.
  • Cosmopolitan life style providing world-class entertainment events, international golf, horse racing, tennis, themed hotels, shopping malls, outdoor adventures, and more...
  • Diverse Society. There are approximately 200 different nationalities living in the city.
  • Great location - Dubai is situated on the tranquil Gulf coast, with beautiful natural desert and mountain landscape. Sunny and warm weather all year around.